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Most Expensive Cities in the World

Looking to shell off some cash big time? We'll this is the place for you. If you feel rich or is tasked to spend some cash the quickest time possible, then visit these places.


I've been to this place and indeed the english colonization made this place very nice. It is a country so small but is very expensive because of its booming economy. There are cheap places to eat here like the hawker stations but mostly very expensive about an average of $50. You are expected to spend here $204 per night.

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The booming economy of Canada has made its famous city very expensive not to mention the tax that is why most NBA players don't like to play for the Raptors. A decent meal here may cost you $60 but beer is quite cheap, only about $3 as oppose to the other cities here that would cost you $6 and up. You are expected to spend $133 per night here.

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The economy of Finland has stood still despite of different economic crises the hit its region. Room rates here are becoming expensive, a decent meal may cost you $60 and the cheapest you may get is $11. Taxi here starts at $7 and you are expected here to spend $163 per night.

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The rising economy of Australia made its currency almost equivalent to US dollar has made this city expensive. A bottle of beer here may reach to $4 and a decent meal may reach $80 so better thick twice before planning to treat someone for dinner. If you stay here, expect to spend $172 per night.

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The bright lights, the speedy bullet trains and the busy streets in this city comes with a price and a very expensive one. Although if you crave for local cuizine this city has a lot of cheap places to offer but the other stuff are expensive specially the hotel. That is why they have an alterantive cheap yet weird hotel for folks who are tight on budget. Visit the previous feature in this site "Weirdest Hotels in the World" and look for Capsule Hotel to have a view of this hotel. You are expected to spend $163 per night in Tokyo.

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An average meal can reach up to $88 while the cheapest you can get is $13. Taxi cub starts at $6 and a third litter of Coke cost $3... What? a 2 L of Coke only cost $2 in the US and if you had a chance to be in a third world country it may even only cost you only a dollar. You are expected to spend a night here for $190 per night. Almost the same price of a decent smart phone.

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List courtesy of Yahoo and prices courtesy of Numbeo
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Nightlife: The Best Cities in Offering It

To all you nocturnals out there, this list is best for you. If you ever wonder where in the world offers the best night outs you ever dreamed of then wonder no more and browse the list below. The places listed below gets better as the night progresses where it offers you a late night party you will certainly remember.


This Dutch capital is considered as one of the top destination for adult entertainment. In here the alcoholic drinks are strong and though I could not confirm it but there are published sites that says that drugs here are legal as long as the establishment giving them follow the allowable dosage that will be mixed in their food and drinks. Prostitution is also legal here and the De Wallen, their famous red light district was known as an international sex tourism destination. Oh...Crap... 

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Rio De Janeiro

Will I bet you've heard of Copacabana, aside from it is a song by Barry Manilow it is were all the party is happening. The party does not stop at the Carnivale Festival (featured in this blog as one of the famous festivals) , the party continues year round and partying there wont cause you much. But if you want to go to an upscale party rather than drinking in the streets then they have a place for you too The Ipanema.

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The city has what they call the Temple Bar. This place has hundreds of preclub bars and pubs. One of the famous bar there is Doheny and Nesbitt. The beers in this city has more ale than the usual. hehehe.

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Florida, USA

This city certainly brings out the vice in you because this place is a vice... Miami Vice... (It was already called that before the hit series and the movie came out). There is always a place in this city where you can relax and sit back with the Latin Vibe. One of the famous hot spots there were Skybar and Nikki Beach where you can touch shoulders with the A-listers and celebrities. Don't expect it to be cheap of course.

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For those who like their late night parties fast paced and frenzied then this city is right for you. This place is an illuminated Balearic Island that is located just off the coast of Spain. This place is known because of the famous DJ's that go there to play. So if you want an alcohol induces party with ecstasy then go to Ibiza. The famous places there were Space, Pacha, Privilege and Amnesia.

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The Brits sure knows how to have a good time. They have the place called Boujis. The favorite club of the Royals. But if you can't get access there due to security reasons (Don't dress like you are some suicide bomber or something)... you can go to Mahiki or Cuckoo Club.. both which has hedonistic vibe. But if you wanna end up broke the next morning then you can hit The Casino at The Empire at Leicester Square.

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Cabo San Lucas

Best place for party animals who like body shots of tequila. You can head to downtown Cabo and check out El Squid Roe or Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Cantina for some live band music and you can spend the rest of the night at Giggling Martin or Rio Grill or if you want a huge party crowd then you can head straight to Body Shot... Cabo's largest night club and experience some mexican rythm.

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Risen from the rule of communism, this city now offers things where you can splurge your money for late night parties and worst, on sinful things. Doll's in Moscow is said to be a high class strip club where you can see blondes that are Victoria Secret models look alike and they also dress just like that. Though outside the streets you can often see people on their thick winter clothers, inside the clubs is a different world.

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New York

It wont be called the city that never sleeps for nothing. After a busy day, people here knows how to party. This is considered as the birth place of clubs and party. From classy Coyote Ugle esque to Upper East side down to common clubs at Times Square, you can always find a place to hang out at night that soothes your taste and budget and should you get very drank, there is always a yellow cab to take you home.

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Las Vegas

The number one place for night outs... Yup the "Sin City". The most famous place for night owl party goers. It won't be dubbed as the sin city for nothing. Down the Las Vegas strip were arrays of hotels and casino (MGM Grand, Flamingo, Ceasar's Palace, Luxur, Paris and many more) and outside the strip were... what else? Strip clubs. I was there and pornographic materials are just being distributed in the streets. You will certainly get a hang over. But be careful... There is a reason why hit TV series "CSI" chose this setting because a lot of crimes are happening there plus with the new technology on cameras and videos, the saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is no longer true so don't lose yourself completely.

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Beautiful Places You Couldn't Easily Visit

Below is the list of beautiful places you should visit but you couldn't. Why? Because of civil wars, governance and other prohibition given to visiting tourists for their safety sake. That is why in most posts this site has, it often recommends a travel agency but this time there is nothing to recommend yet.

North Korea

This country is a militaristic single state and there are strict rules in terms of visiting. There are plenty of strict policies and procedures to comply for you to be given access (VISA) in the country. You can't easily take pictures as you maybe imprisoned. It is worth visiting though for you to see the grandeur of it military and discipline plus ancient and modern structures built in awe.


This country was found guilty over tons of human rights abuses including displacement of ethnic villagers and force labor. Thanks to their long term military rule, this country has been put under economic sanctions affecting tourism. This place is worth visiting due to its scenic views and ancient temples.


Getting inside the country is quite tight specially if you came from an American allied country. Why? Just like the list above, thanks again to its freaking military control but this time it is a communist party. Why it is worth visiting? Well I bet you have heard of Cuban cigars and Havana. That's enough reason for you to be there. It has also white sand beaches for you to bask on.


With the legal system based on sharia law, this place is a risk for tourist specially if your too stupid as not to respect with their ancient customs due to ingnorance. So getting there is also like threading a needle. Why worth visiting? This was once Persia. The unrivaled ancient building, temples and arhaelogical finds are simply awesome.


Recent wars made by the allied forces to topple down their dictator leader causes the country to be unstable. If you don't want to be a victim of a road side bomb, then better not go there. It is worth visiting mainly because it is the world's first civilization and there are lot of places mentioned in the old testament of the bible that you would definitely want to see.


Yup... You are right. The reason why you couldn't easily get there is again War. Huh!..What is it good for?... absoloutely nothing. The uprising against its dictator has caused this war. This country has a lot of good places to see. It has the Leptis Magna, a top Roman Ruins still preserved. It has other UNESCO Heritage sites like Sabratha, Cyrene, and Ghadames. For treasure hunters and archaelogists, Libya is believed to still have undiscovered treasures buried in its lands.


Till now the countries security situation is still shaky... bombings here and there plus some kidnappings making it a risky place to visit. But why this should still be considered a tourist destination? It has stunning architecture specially at Herat and Mazar-i Sharif and of course the mountain caves at Bamiyan and the limestone lakes at Band-i-Amir.


This is in the list of Most Uniques Places to Visit since this was opened for public visits last 2011, but going there is not easy. You have to book at least 2 weeks ahead of schedule to apply for a permit to visit. With that you have to follow certain dress codes and avoid touching anything to avoid contamination. Why it is worth visiting? It is not really a morbid scene but if you want to see something like the environment in Resident Evil or I am Legend (I am not refering to dead bodies around but to untouched abandoned places), then this is a good place to see.

Saudi Arabia

If the picture below looks familiar it is because it was featured on my previous post Holiest Places on Earth. That's the Ka'ba in Mecca. Saudi is a difficult country to visit due to strict rules in compliance to the laws of their religion that the citizens deligently follow. The sand dunes and ancient structures made this place worth visiting but you must have a sponsor to get inside the country.


Why you couldn't easily visit this place? The answer is simple.... "It's too darn cold!". So you have to be physically prepared to go there so you need a lot of requirements to comply. Scientists are also protecting it from tourist who might pollute the place and prevent the importation of invasive plants and animals. Why worth visiting? The scenic view of snow covered mountains are impressive plus native wild life like penguins can be seen.

Pics and List Courtesy of Yahoo Travel

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